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HPV Vaccination Consultant/Expert – Medical Care Development International – Guinée Equatoriale

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I. Background
A safe and effective HPV vaccine exists that when provided to young people prior to initiating sexual activity, protects them against HPV and therefore against cervical cancer. This vaccine has been rolled out in many high-income countries, but progress is slower in low- and middle-income countries due to resource constraints.
Based on lessons learned from other countries in Africa, implementation of an HPV vaccination program is recommended in Equatorial Guinea. A school-based model that covers girls 9 years and older or a program that also includes out-of-school girls would be appropriate for Equatorial Guinea.
In early 2016, MCDI and Noble Energy agreed on a one-year project (October 2016 – September 2017) to support the Government of Equatorial Guinea in implementing the “screen and treat” component (Phase I) of a comprehensive program for the prevention and control of cervical cancer. It was agreed that in Phase II starting October 2017 a vaccine component will be added to the program. Pending the results of the Phase II HPV vaccine feasibility study, in Phase III the Project will carry out a phased approach to the introduction of the HPV vaccine, to prepare Equatorial Guinea for a national vaccination program.
II. Scope of Work
The Consultant will report directly to MCDI Senior Health Officer responsible for EG-CCST Project in Silver Spring, MD, USA and will work in close collaboration with MCDI EG Country Director and EG-CCST National Coordinator as well as Equatorial Guinean Ministry of Health and Social Welfare Reproductive Health Program and National Program for Immunization to conduct a situational analysis and feasibility and acceptability study to introduce an HPV Vaccination Program in Equatorial Guinea.
Proposed activities will include:
· Discussions with MOHSW’s National Program for Immunization, School Health and Health Education Programs on the feasibility of HPV vaccine implementation;
· Discussions with the Ministry of Education regarding how best to reach the target population of 9-13 year-old girls;
· Rapid feasibility and acceptability study;
· Needs assessment regarding cold chain and other logistics of HPV Vaccine Program;
· Preparation of report, including recommended next steps for HPV vaccination.
III. Deliverables:
· A detailed work plan with clear and concise mode of work, key sources of information and any request for information that might be envisaged to undertake this task. The plan should include activities with related timelines and outcomes
· Present a well-designed program to prepare Equatorial Guinea for a pilot demonstration project and eventually develop a national vaccination program under Phase III.
· A detailed and comprehensive assessment of the cost of implementing the HPV vaccination program, based on consultant’s Project’s design.
· Submit to MCDI a final electronic/soft copies of the executive summary report, comprehensive assessments and costing spreadsheets at submission of the final draft report.
IV. Qualifications
· Public Health Specialist with experience in design and/or evaluation of national vaccine programs, preferably HPV vaccine.
· Have an excellent knowledge of the new approaches in HPV prevention and strategies.
· Have excellent communication and writing skills in Spanish and English.

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